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The Club Class Nationals is now only a few weeks away! Links for competitors:

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  • Nationals 2019

    Flarm & instrument configuration

    As you will know from reading the local rules and email updates, we are operating a trial at the request of the BGA to mandate...

  • Nationals 2019

    Menu & Entertainments

    We’ve now published our catering menu and programme of evening entertainment.

  • Nationals 2019

    Competition Shirts

    The official competition polo shirts are now available for pre-order! This year’s design features the 2019 competition logo on a light Fruit of the Loom...

  • Nationals 2019

    Club Class Safety & Sporting Update

    We are currently working with the BGA on a number of changes to ensure a safe, fun and fair competition for all in 2019. Our...

  • Nationals 2019

    Club Class Nationals 2019

    We’re pleased to announce that we’re hosting the UK Club Class National Championships 2019

  • Nationals 2018

    National Champions 2018

    Congratulations to National Champions Tim Scott (15m Class), Andy Davis (Open Class) and Leigh Wells (Standard Class). The full final results can be found at...

  • Nationals 2018

    Weather today

    SYNOPTIC SITUATION: Rotating front lying Central Scotland with brisk easterly flow to the south. Anticyclone Biscay. WINDS: SW 10 knots on the surface, westerly 15-20...

  • Nationals 2018

    Introducing RoboPay

    We’re please to announce that we will be trialling an exciting new smart payment system for this year’s competition – RoboPay – which will enable...

  • Nationals 2018

    Registration Checklist

    With just a few days to go before the competition starts, please take a moment to check that you’ve completed the pre-registration activities on Robocontrol:...

  • Nationals 2018

    Competition Forum

    The Competition Forum is an open forum to discuss issues relating to competitions in the UK. As well as providing a channel for general feedback...