Information for our Neighbours

We value our relationships with our neighbours and try our hardest to minimise the impact of our competitions.


Neighbours living on the access roads to the airfield will notice an increase in cars and glider trailers before and during the competition. We have asked our visiting pilots and crews to be considerate of our neighbours and to drive with care near houses and people.

If you have any concerns about gliding competition related traffic near your home, please get in touch.

Glider launching

Competition launches are done exclusively by aerotow, using light aircraft to get the gliders in the air. We recognise that this is different to our usual mix of winch launching and aerotow operations. We work hard to keep noise to a minimum and we brief our tow plane pilots about noise sensitive areas such as local towns and villages. The competition aerotow launching period is no more than one hour per competition day, and is usually during lunchtime or early afternoon.

If you want discuss local noise, please use this form. Note that we are unable to address local noise concerns by telephone, so please do use the form which provides us the necessary information to establish an informed response.

Please come and visit

We welcome all our neighbours to come and visit during the competition. If we’re not too busy, we may even be able to offer you a flight in a two-seater glider with one of our instructors at preferential rates. You can find out more about visiting here and find out more about gliding competitions here.