Airspace Information

The competition airspace file being used for task setting and scoring is published on Soaringspot. In the event of changes to the airspace file during the competition, a summary of the changes will be published here.

Airspace file version history

The competition airspace file will include a version number which will be referenced on every task sheet. This is to ensure that the same file that is used for task setting and scoring can be used by pilots for in-flight navigation. If changes need to be made to the airspace file at short notice due to airspace changes issued by NOTAM, we will publish a new file and notify all pilots via text message and in briefing.

Download files from Soaringspot:

Daily Nav Warnings

In addition to the official competition airspace file, we may also publish files with navigation warnings relevant to the task area. These warnings can be used to plot the details of the ‘Advisory’ section of the task sheet, for example for BBMF or Red Arrows activity.