Nationals 2018

Competition Information Update


The competition start is marching towards us at quite a rate now, we have just sent an email to all competitors with an update on the very latest information now that much of it has been finalised.

If you are competitor and have not received your email please get in touch with us, so we can find where your emails are going.

This year’s Polo shirt design has been released; we have gone for cooler to wear cotton ‘fruit of the loom’ shirts (to fit with the good weather that is going to be back soon).

Day Max Feels Min Amount Cloud Dir Speed RH Weather
Sat 18 Aug 21 °c 22 °c 15 °c 0.0 mm 8 % 11 mph 75 %
Sun 19 Aug 17 °c 17 °c 14 °c 0.0 mm 88 % 13 mph 65 %
Mon 20 Aug 17 °c 18 °c 13 °c 0.0 mm 51 % 11 mph 67 %
Tue 21 Aug 17 °c 17 °c 15 °c 0.0 mm 97 % 13 mph 81 %
Wed 22 Aug 17 °c 18 °c 14 °c 0.0 mm 48 % 8 mph 81 %
Thu 23 Aug 19 °c 20 °c 16 °c 0.0 mm 5 % 6 mph 80 %
Fri 24 Aug 18 °c 19 °c 17 °c 0.0 mm 6 % 6 mph 86 %
Sat 25 Aug 19 °c 21 °c 17 °c 0.0 mm 11 % 4 mph 87 %
Sun 26 Aug 18 °c 19 °c 15 °c 0.0 mm 19 % 6 mph 87 %

Anyone can order a shirt (you don’t need to be a competitor) but we only get them made to order, so we get the right size and can personalise them. The orders need to be placed online;

Click image to link to the ordering website

The local rules have now been published. They look similar to last year’s but we have made some important changes, so it is important that competitors do understand them.

Click image for link to the file

The competition waypoint file has been loaded on to soaring spot (it’s the latest BGA list so nothing complicated).

The competition airspace file is also now on soaring spot. Version 1 of the file is configured to be our best guess of the correct airspace for day 1. It is also located on the competition website

click on image to link to the files

The local rules explain how we will be delivering and version controlling the file during the competition.

Please can all pilots make sure that they have completed the online registration, club membership forms and paid their entry fees as soon as possible. This can all be done on-line using Robocontrol

click on image to go to Robocontrol

Please do feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or queries, we look forward to welcoming you at Aston Down soon.

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