Nationals 2018

Competition Forum


The Competition Forum is an open forum to discuss issues relating to competitions in the UK. As well as providing a channel for general feedback to CGC and the BGA, the forums are also a good place to gather opinions on specific issues and consult on changes being considered by the BGA Competitions Committee.

We will aim to hold the forum immediately after briefing on a scrub day or another sensible time during the competition week. The discussion points and your feedback will be noted and passed onto the Comps Committee, so this is a really useful way of making your voices heard.

The aim of this post is to encourage you all to think about topics for discussion in the forum. In addition to topics from the floor, there are two issues we’ve been asked to cover by the Comps Committee:

Should Nationals be Handicapped?
With fewer pilots entering the unhandicapped Nationals classes in recent years, the question has been asked whether switching to a handicapped format would help increase participation. Of course, such a move could make selecting pilots to fly in unhandicapped international competitions somewhat problematic, but could that be worth it? The Comps Committee would be interested to hear pilots’ opinions on this topic and their ideas for how team selection might best be adjusted to allow for it, while still ensuring that the British Team still has the pilots most likely to be successful internationally.

Changes to AAT Scoring Rules
The BGA Competitions Committee would like feedback from pilots on whether two scoring rules for AATs should be changed to align with IGC rules:

  • AAT Devaluation – BGA scoring uses AAT Minimum Time as the devaluation time. IGC uses the fastest finisher’s time.
  • AAT Finisher’s Distance Points – BGA gives only gives maximum distance points in an AAT to those finishers who exceed 2/3 of maximum distance. IGC gives all finishers maximum distance points.

As always, if you have feedback about competitions at Cotswold Gliding Club, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.